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샘표 다시마 간장 930ml

by Sempio
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Sempio Kelp Soy Sauce
샘표 다시마 간장

Brand: Sempio

About the Product:
Sempio kelp soy sauce is made of Korean kelp, and Sempio naturally brewed soy sauce leaving the savory flavors of Korean kelp intact. This delicious soy sauce is also less salty than regular soy sauce.
✔ Sempio kelp soy sauce can naturally highlight the flavors in various dishes making it great for braising, steaming, and stir-fries. Soy sauce is one of the most important ingredients in Korean cuisine. With Sempio kelp soy sauce, you can easily make delicious Korean dishes.

Origin : Korea
Net Weight :
 930 ml

UPC : 8801005119108