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농심 빅볼 짜파구리 컵 4.02oz

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Nongshim Big Bowl ChapaGuri Jjajang Noodles With Spicy Seafood Flavor
농심 빅볼 짜파구리 컵

Brand: Nongshim

About the Product:
✔ Nongshim Gomtang Instant Noodle Big Bowl, contains the noodle block with loose garnish and a single sachet of seasoning and has a creamy liJjajang Noodles with Spicy Seafood Flavor
✔ Jjajang sauce of Chapagetti
✔ Spicy Seafood Flavor of Neoguri
✔ Cooking Directions on the side of the package
✔ 5:30 minute is enough with 1000W Microwaveke beef soup broth.

Origin : Korea

Net Weight : 
4.02 oz
Directions : 
UPC : 031146055333